Types of Girlfriends in Real Life

1 . Sticky

These Girls are very Sticky like they send 20 messages in 1 min and simply gets annoyed if you did not reply her in that span .. i mean seconds

They f..k bother about how busy you are.. you should reply her at anycost

2. Over Possessive 

If you have such your life is finished.. you should be dumb inforont of other girls,, sh.. no more speaking to other girls

3. Complaining Girlfriend

React to even simple jokes to and takes soo seriously , if you made any mistake by mistake you are done with the day,, weeks,, Till you get her a IPhone gift

4. Greedy Girlfriend 

No you pay bill,,, wait we shall order some more costliest one...

5. Hyper Sentimental  Girlfriend 

Girls All time weapon.. no other weapon is strongest than this..

6. Good Girlfriend 

Most of the girls falls under this category ,, additional to all the other qualities given in this page

7 . Irritating Girlfriend

Always irritating , we can write a easy on girls irritation , you guys write in comments

8. No Jokes Girlfriend 

No more jokes , be matured whats your problem, .. uff these type of girls have no scene of humor when you crack a joke on them

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