Things to be remembered During rainy seasons for Healthy Life

1. Beware of Diet you follow

Raining season is the main season where the density of micro infections and other harmful organisms grows in double than the other seasons.
This is due to cool whether, due to this there will be a lot of production in the disease causing organisms.
Keep ion mid what you eat, remember Vegetables should be thoroughly washed and to be cooked very thoroughly hot .

2. Take care of your Pets .

Pets should be taken care these days because they get infected much more than the human .
Make sure they get vaccination and if not consult a nearest pet care hospitals

3. Drinking water

Make sure Drinking water is clean and filtered, because  due to rains the drinking water is much contaminated and with many bacteria , most frequently registered during rainy season is TYPHOID .

4. Beware of your Electronics

Most electronic failures occur during rainy season, this is due to sudden thunder storms which results in failure of electronics

Remember when it is raining heaving it is better to Off the Electronic items and Unplug them.

Make sure of the cable wire even though everything is switched off , your TV gets damaged, you need to unplug the cable wire to.. Not only TV , WiFi routers also get effected

5. Walking in Rain

Of course walking in rain will change our mood , but there are some issues like Getting viral infections and also Fungal infections, Cold and other Throat infections too so beware 

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